Getting International Schools Back to Work

Coping with a crisis is hard enough when it affects a family or a community, but now that we’re dealing with one on a global scale, there are unique challenges to the international school community.  It's common for international curriculum schools (including local private schools like mine) to employ teachers from 15+ nations making it... Continue Reading →

Getting Started with Distance Learning

Whether you are going to survive or thrive in the days ahead starts with how you approach these first few days of school closures. I was in the US visiting family for the Chinese New Year holiday when my school closed. First thoughts were Score. This is amazing! I can stay with my family longer! followed almost... Continue Reading →

Distance Learning and Copyright

Like most schools in China, the COVID-19 virus has plunged us into a nationwide test of Distance Learning. Many expatriate teachers like myself have found themselves planning and teaching lessons from all corners of the globe and without any of their regular resources. Distance learning can be a challenge when you are used to having... Continue Reading →

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