Designing Formative Assessment

I recently gave a professional development session about computational thinking and BeeBots because teachers were unsure of the terminology in the curriculum, lacked confidence with the tools (BeeBots, BlueBots, etc.), and were not sure how to assess these skills. As I reflect on what I'm learning about assessment, I would like to develop an assessment... Continue Reading →

Computational Thinking in Kindergarten

On May 15, 2020, I offered a professional development session for approximately 50 KG1, KG2, and KG3 teachers. This session included a brief introduction to what technology means, the Technological, Pedagogical, and Content Knowledge (TPACK) Framework, and a close look at the Design and Technology standards in the Nanwai King's College School Curriculum Framework. After... Continue Reading →

Getting International Schools Back to Work

Coping with a crisis is hard enough when it affects a family or a community, but now that we’re dealing with one on a global scale, there are unique challenges to the international school community.  It's common for international curriculum schools (including local private schools like mine) to employ teachers from 15+ nations making it... Continue Reading →


In the MSU MAET program, one of my favorite parts of the day were Quickfire Challenges. These were intense, brief challenges to explore tools and concepts quickly without worrying about making mistakes. Most of the time, I come away from the challenge with ideas about how the tool would improve my teaching, but one tool... Continue Reading →

Distance Learning and Copyright

Like most schools in China, the COVID-19 virus has plunged us into a nationwide test of Distance Learning. Many expatriate teachers like myself have found themselves planning and teaching lessons from all corners of the globe and without any of their regular resources. Distance learning can be a challenge when you are used to having... Continue Reading →

ACAMIS Conference

In October, I was delighted to share some current research and approaches to developmentally appropriate technology integration in the early years classroom. The ACAMIS conference, held at Concordia International School in Shanghai, attracts Chinese private and international schools who face common challenges of preparing students for digital futures from within the confines of a censored... Continue Reading →

RESEARCH: How do teachers cultivate curiosity?

OVERVIEW In this research project, we sought participant responses to the question, “What tools and strategies are you using in your classroom to cultivate student curiosity?” This data was collected from the Michigan Association of Computer Users in Learning conference held in Detroit, Michigan, in March 2019, at the Michigan State University’s Master’s of Arts... Continue Reading →

Looking back…moving forward

The 2018-19 school year was one of tremendous growth, reflection, and change. In earlier blogs, I articulated my goals and visions for the future. In this post, I expressed my concerns about potentially failing in my future career endeavors, but identified key tasks that would help me to be successful. Even if I failed, I... Continue Reading →

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