Tools for Classroom

Here are some tools for getting started with technology in the early years:



Wakelet is a curation tool for gathering resources (photos, videos, links, text, etc.) and sharing them with others.

Ideas: compile links to classroom songs; create at-home activity guides for families to access.

Book Creatorwindows-icon

This free resource for desktop and tablets can be used to create digital stories using drawings, photos, handwritten text and typed text. It can be collaboratively between teachers and students in preschool, or more independently in early elementary.

Ideas: Create class books; All About Me books; compile theme-related vocabulary and send home.


Popplet is a kid-friendly mind-mapping app which can be used for generating ideas, organizing information, or assessing understanding.

Ideas: map letters by initial sound; display examples of number concepts; create an About Me map.


This tool can be used to connect text, visuals, videos, links, and other media to a photo or 360-degree experience.

Ideas: Take a 360-degree photo of the classroom and add labels to the classroom together with children. This experience can be shared with parents or reviewed independently in the classroom as well. A ThingLink experience could also be created as an introduction to a new unit (ie: compiling photos and videos about ocean animals).

Google Expeditionsexpedition

Primarily a virtual reality tool, Google Expeditions can also be used on an iPad to ‘visit’ locations and events digitally. *Companies that produce virtual reality headsets often label their products for ages 13 and up, so use the iPad experience with younger children.

Ideas: Take a virtual tour to a new place to explore vocabulary and assess student knowledge before beginning a unit.

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