Tools for Collaboration

As an administrator, I am learning how to promote collaboration among a linguistically-diverse staff. These are tools which promote collaboration and shared ideas among adults.

A tool is only as useful as the team of people using it. If you can accomplish the same goal with paper and pencil, use the paper and pencil.


This website allows users to create visually engaging newsletters and distribute to up to 2,000 subscribers for free. Branding and colors can be updated and templates can be saved for future use. It is a great tool for sending information, photos, and videos to a large audience.


Slack is a communication tool for groups. This can be helpful for passing quick messages to colleagues, sharing files, and coordinating projects. It keeps work-related communications separate from personal communication pathways. Enabling do-not-disturb modes can help reduce the pressure to engage with messages during the evenings and weekends.



Trello is great for coordinating projects among a group of people. By creating cards, a group can simultaneously contribute to or feedback on several projects simultaneously. It can be used to set to-do lists and track progress.


This mind-mapping app is useful for mapping ideas, such as for theme planning, or collecting observations about a child. It can be used independently or collaboratively. Ideas can be saved, emailed,or printed.


A multi-collaborator tool for shared documents and spreadsheets. Makes use of an individual’s QQ or WeChat account to log in. Not as versatile as Google Docs, but a great tool for Mainland China.

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