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Looking back…moving forward

The 2018-19 school year was one of tremendous growth, reflection, and change. In earlier blogs, I articulated my goals and visions for the future. In this post, I expressed my concerns about potentially failing in my future career endeavors, but identified key tasks that would help me to be successful. Even if I failed, I... Continue Reading →

Caution: Changes Ahead

The start of a new school year is an exciting time. It signals a fresh start with new students, new  staff, and new ideas, initiatives, questions, pursuits, and wonderings. It is also a challenging time as each adjusts to a myriad of changes- new schedules, rooms, teaching partners, grade levels, students, ideas, and new leaders.... Continue Reading →

  Warren Berger's book, A More Beautiful Question (2014), implores readers to find their own beautiful questions. These are mine.

Balancing Perspectives

Balance is important in all areas of life- the foods we eat, the life balance choices we make, and the people and viewpoints that surround us. You may not be aware that technology developments are making it harder and harder to see all sides of a topic, particularly on political or policy issues. Author James... Continue Reading →

What if I fail?

New environments and experiences pull you out of your comfort zone, but also offer time and space to reflect on events more realistically. Summertime is a change from the pace of the school year and spending the summer in Ireland has offered a new setting for reflection. I have been contemplating the events of the... Continue Reading →

Sustaining Innovation through Leadership Changes

A wicked problem facing education is how to sustain innovative educational practices when principals, assistant principals, and superintendents are constantly changing. This problem was highlighted by the New Media Consortium in their 2017 K-12 Report and my colleague Britainy and I have been looking at this problem from many angles in hopes of zeroing in... Continue Reading →

Constructing Vocabulary through Architecture

My school is dedicated to fostering global citizens who are academically proficient in both English and Mandarin. To meet this goal, we spend the majority of time in the early years building a wide vocabulary base through hands-on experiences related to student interests. One unit that is of great interest to our kindergarteners is Architecture... Continue Reading →

Are Google and Wikipedia Alone Sufficient?

Delving deep into Larry Sanger's article titled Information in the Internet Age, Lauren Marchelletta and I sought to foster discussion around 3 key points presented by Sanger: Instant availability of knowledge online makes memorization obsolete Collaborative learning is celebrated as superior to individual learning Static learning through books is inferior to knowledge co-constructed by a... Continue Reading →

Asking Questions

As a preschool teacher, I have been on the receiving end of my fair share of questions. With predominantly English learners, questions come at me in a variety of formats: "What is this?" or "Zhè shì shénme?" In time, they add: "Why?" or "Wèishéme?" I have been reflecting on the power of questions as I... Continue Reading →

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